Frquently Asked Questions

What all can I sell at Moneyonspot?

We currently buy Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptop, MacBook, IMac and Mac Mini.

How Do I Sell My Gadget to Moneyonspot?

Visit our website www.moneyonspot.com
Enter your products model and its current condition
There is an online calculator that will instantly quote you a price.
If you agree to the price, enter your personal details and sell your product.
Our Customer Support team will get in touch with you and schedule a pickup from your place.
Our Authorized Technician will visit your place, within 4 Hours, checks your product, and offers you the Money on Spot.

How Long Does this whole procedure take?

It takes at the maximum of 4 hours, but is usually picked up within 2 Hours.

Does Moneyonspot charge for pickup service?

No. Pickup is FREE Of Cost and we do not charge you anything for it.

What if the details of the gadget do not match with that I had selected on your website?

You are quoted a new price with the change, if you agree to it you can sell it or our technician returns without any hesitation.

Do I have to provide the original bill of the product?

Yes.If the product is in warranty you have to provide the original bill along with it, if it is out of warranty you just have to give a photocopy of your ID Proof and Sign a simple form of confirmation for selling your product.

What Happens to my Product after I sell it to you?

Your Product is taken to our regional center where its data is completely wiped, and then it is sent to the Resellers and Refurbishing Companies.

The price quoted at your website is very low?

The price quoted to the customers is directly from the Management who studies the current market value.

What is the assurance that I am offered the best price?

We work on a very unique strategy, where the management on our platform indulges in a healthy competition to quote you the best price.

Do I get any receipt that I have sold my product to Moneyonspot?

Yes you receive an email after you have sold your product, stating all your product details.

My gadget is not listed on your website, can you help?

Sure. Mail your gadget details along with its model no. at info@moneyonspot.com or call us on Customer Support Helpline and we will assure you that it will be added as soon as possible and you’ll thereafter receive an email notification from us confirming its addition.

I have bought my Product from Abroad, do you buy it?

Yes. But as there is no warranty claim in India for your product we consider it as above 1 year, moreover we do not buy Locked/CDMA phones or tablets.

How do I change my Contact Details after scheduling the pickup?

Please call our Customer Helpdesk or E-mail to info@Moneyonspot.in.