Moneyonspot.com provides an online website for consumers to sell their retired Products. The use of Moneyonspot.com is governed by the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement (hereinafter “AGREEMENT”). Your use of this site and/or placement of a transaction indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this AGREEMENT.


SELLER must be the sole and rightful owner of the PRODUCT, and all PRODUCT must be free of any liens and/or claims by any third party. If PRODUCT is determined to be lost or stolen, SELLER will not be liable to sell the PRODUCT. SELLER agrees to transfer all title and interest in the PRODUCT to Moneyonspot.com upon the receipt of PRODUCT at the Moneyonspot.com in India.


Moneyonspot.com is only available to SELLER(s) who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law.


The value SELLER shall receive is the value accepted by the SELLER as per the site offer. PRODUCT condition at the time of receipt and inspection by Moneyonspot.com should be the same .

To receive “full price” PRODUCT must be in the condition update by the SELLER on Moneyonspot.com, with normal signs of wear. PRODUCT must power up & make a test call, have no water damage, have a functioning LCD screen, unbroken housing, a valid ESN, and an attached battery.   Once PRODUCT is designated for “full price” (with forthcoming payment), PRODUCT will not be returned to SELLER.

If PRODUCT does not meet the requirements for “full price”, PRODUCT will be graded as “DAMAGED”, and the lower “damaged” TRADE-IN VALUE applies.

If PRODUCT does not meet the requirement of “full price”, Moneyonspot.com  will contact SELLER one time via the email/call.  SELLER may elect to receive to receive the lower TRADE-IN VALUE, or Moneyonspot.com will return PRODUCT to SELLER at no cost to SELLER, subject to the NON COMPLIANT PRODUCT provision below.


If PRODUCT is received in any of the following conditions:
1) The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is reported as lost or stolen.
2) The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is reported to be on a “payment plan” or carrier installment contract.
3) Apple IOS PRODUCT is received with an activation lock (“Find My iPhone” is turned on, and cannot be remotely deactivated by SELLER).
4) Android PRODUCT is received with a Google Lock.


You are entitled to change your mind and not proceed with the sales transaction before your device is picked up. There is no cost associated with this. Once you have sold the device to us, you cannot cancel the contract.


It is the responsibility of the SELLER to discontinue service on PRODUCT sold to Moneyonspot.com before initiating a transaction. Moneyonspot.com is not responsible for previous or subsequent airtime charges accrued prior, during, or after any transaction. Should any airtime charges be accrued, it is the responsibility of the SELLER and service provider to resolve payment issues.


Moneyonspot.com will report to the proper authorities and if required, surrender to the proper authorities any PRODUCT that has stored on it illegal data, including but not limited to child pornography and any evidence of illegal activity.


Moneyonspot.com recommends that SELLER remove all personal data from PRODUCT, including but not limited to address book entries, text messages, pictures, and emails. Additionally, we recommend that SELLER remove any SIM Cards and memory cards, if applicable. Moneyonspot.com standard practice is to erase data from PRODUCT. However Moneyonspot.com does not guarantee that it will erase data in PRODUCT. SELLER agrees to release Moneyonspot.com from any claim as to the data stored in PRODUCT, or data stored in SIM cards or media cards used with the PRODUCT, or for such data’s security, confidentiality, disclosure or use. Moneyonspot.com is not responsible for any loss suffered by SELLER due to any data that is not erased or removed from PRODUCT.

Returns Policy

Once you have accepted the site offer, whether a full price offer or a re-value offer and you have been paid, we will be unable to return your mobile device back to you. We reserve the right to vary and amend our terms and conditions from time to time.


Moneyonspot.com will send periodic emails to Seller. Seller agrees to receive such emails, although Seller may “opt out” of emails at any time through contacting the Customer Care. Moneyonspot.com will not sell or disseminate Seller emails to any third party company or organization.


SELLER and Moneyonspot.com will operate under this Agreement as independent contractors, and the relationship in no way constitutes or gives rise to a partnership, joint venture, or agency relationship between the parties.